We all wanted to have a healthy tree that can withstand and survive over extreme storms and time. Other trees have a sentimental attachment to us that it’s heartbreaking to see them die before our eyes. However, you can help stop that from happening and enjoy the beauty of your trees for a long time. You just have to make sure that you’ll take care of it properly. Before everything gets worse, reach out to a tree expert if you observe any signs of tree damage. Here is a list of the greatest tree maintenance you can do: 

Plant your tree in the right area 

It’s important to plant a tree that can survive in your place. Make sure you plant your tree within a spot that can provide enough space and sunlight for it to develop at its full potential. Never plant a tree near your home’s electrical lines and power lines as this might result in issues and hazards in the future and might need to remove your tree earlier. 

Water it well 

Just like humans, trees require water to thrive. If it does not rain for several months, guarantee to allow your trees to have some water by watering them. A mature tree will usually need an inch of water every week. Meanwhile, young trees need approximately 10-40 gallons of water every weed during their premature stages. 


For landscape trees, natural materials and debris like grass and leaves must be removed and cleared out. In this situation, fertilizer can help fill in space. Regularly utilize a slow-release fertilizer to give the soil the nutrients it needs. Also, you can routinely test the soul to guarantee that all factors needed to have a healthy tree are present. 


One of the most efficient means to help improve the structure and health of your trees would be pruning. Removing deadwood can make your tree survive well. It’s perfect to prune trees once your tree is in a dormant state and does not have leaves. Pruning can aid your tree to have better limbs and branches. Though corrective pruning must be done no matter what season it is. 


Mulch is needed to insulate moisture and to guard the roots against being damaged by the mower. Apply at least 2-4 inches of mulch at your tree’s base and guarantee to not conceal the trunk of your tree. 

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